Return Policy and Process for Orders Placed Online


The policies and procedures outlined below apply to all orders placed online.


1.     Timelines and Restocking Fee Guidelines

a.     Parts maybe returned up to 30 days from the date of the invoice with no restocking fee.

b.     A 25% restocking fee applies to parts returned after 30 days and up to 90 days from date of invoice.

c.     No parts may be returned after 90 days from date of invoice

d.     All part returns require a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) to be obtained prior to returning the item.

e.     Return freight will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

f.      To obtain an RMA you must contact Customer Service at 1-877-333-1863.



Restocking Fees

RMA Required

Original Invoice or Packing Slip Required

0-30 days








>90 days





2.     Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Expiration Date

a.     The RMA will be valid for 30 calendar days from the date it was issued to you.

b.     All open RMA’s 31 days and older will be cancelled.

c.     Any parts received on an expired RMA will be refused and returned to the sender. 


3.     Parts that are Ineligible for Return

a.     Parts returned after 90 days from the date of invoice.

b.     Parts returned without an RMA.

c.     Parts returned against an expired RMA.

d.     Non-Cancellable/non-returnable parts or non-stock parts.

e.     Hazardous materials or items having a shelf life.

f.      Electronic boards or components that have been opened.

g.     Commercial standard items (i.e.: Nuts, bolts, screws).

h.     MQ (multiple quantity) items with less than the original quantity shipped.

i.       Parts not in the original packaging.

j.       If ineligible parts are returned no credit will be issued and parts will be scrapped.



4.     Carrier Issues/Freight was Damaged

a.     All damaged, shorted or missing parts must be reported to Customer Service at 1-877-333-1863 or via Electronic Mail

b.     Concealed damage and shorted shipments must be reported within 10 days of order delivery.

c.     Notify Customer Service at 1-877-333-1863 or via Electronic Mail and fax any approved claim paperwork already initiated to 1-866-360-4003.

d.     In damage claims where an inspection is required the damaged shipment along with all original packaging must be made available to the freight company at the original point of delivery to qualify for claim reimbursement.


5.     Shorted or Missing Parts in Delivery

a.     Any shorted or missing parts must be reported to Customer Service at 1-877-333-1863 within 10 days of original delivery.